Work With Mia

Mia Klarich, Esq.
Managing Broker
Seattle-Green Lake

The Realtor You Can Count On - Delivering Exceptional Service and Results!

Mia clearly understood the market and I was able to trust her advice at every turn. She took the time to thoroughly explain the home buying process with me so that I could make clear and informed decisions. One of the best things about Mia is that she kept me in the loop throughout the whole experience. She is an extremely hard worker and was relentless in pursuit of our dream home.

— Rachel D.

"During my PNW real estate search, I ended up working with Mia through a friend and I felt like it was 2003 and I somehow drafted Lebron."

— Vince B

While putting together an offer, she was very generous with her time (including mornings, evenings and weekends), patient, helpful and maintained great communication throughout the entire process. We've asked same questions over and over again, but she was so happy to answer it multiple times. And she was never late in getting us the answers to questions we've asked. She was fast, efficient and reliable.

— Amy K.

Finding a place in Seattle wasn’t easy, but we had an amazing real estate agent in our corner. Mia was an unstoppable force. From investigating every conceivable property on the market to gently coaxing us back on the horse after losing a bidding war, her tenacity was incredible. We ended up winning out against multiple offers for less than we were willing pay.

— Greg D.