What it is Like to Work with Mia

Rachel D.'s Testimonial

Mia clearly understood the market and I was able to trust her advice at every turn. She took the time to thoroughly explain the home buying process with me so that I could make clear and informed decisions. One of the best things about Mia is that she kept me in the loop throughout the whole experience. She is an extremely hard worker and was relentless in pursuit of our dream home.

Vince B.'s Testimonial

"During my PNW real estate search, I ended up working with Mia through a friend and I felt like it was 2003 and I somehow drafted Lebron."

Tim G.'s Testimonial

"The 3rd Avenue house you worked so hard to seek out and direct Chad to is the beginning of one of those life milestones. Next to choosing a spouse, buying a house is right up there in the major life decision department. House buying is never an easy decision but generally a stressful one. Perhaps the only thing more stressful than buying a house is buying your first one. The one where you really have no experience and no idea what to expect. Chad is fortunate and I am so grateful that he found and chose you to represent him as his realtor, counselor and advisor in this process. I must admit having had a close sister in the business for so many years I did have concerns as to who Chad would end up with as his realtor. My expectations were high and yet you not only met them but you exceeded them. It was very clear to me early on that you were an individual with not only the skills but the integrity that I was hoping Chad would find. Thank you so much for guiding him and truly looking out for him throughout this process and also for putting up with me along the way. You are very good at what you do and clearly care about those you do it for. Keep doing what you do."

Greg D.'s Tesimonial

Finding a place in Seattle wasn’t easy, but we had an amazing real estate agent in our corner. Mia was an unstoppable force. From investigating every conceivable property on the market to gently coaxing us back on the horse after losing a bidding war, her tenacity was incredible. We ended up winning out against multiple offers for less than we were willing pay.

Amy K.'s Testimonial

While putting together an offer, she was very generous with her time (including mornings, evenings and weekends), patient, helpful and maintained great communication throughout the entire process. We've asked same questions over and over again, but she was so happy to answer it multiple times. And she was never late in getting us the answers to questions we've asked. She was fast, efficient and reliable.

Ilana B.'s Testimonial

Mia went above and beyond in countless ways for me throughout my Seattle search, and I have no doubt that she'll do the same for anyone else. Whether you're looking to make a purchase across town or across the country, Mia will work hard to get you what you want and make the process as smooth as possible. You could not ask for a smarter, friendlier, and more knowledgable real estate professional.

Jon S.'s Testimonial

"Mia continues to serve as a great resource to inform and indulge my interest in real estate in the Cascade mountains East of Seattle. She is a pleasure to talk to, because she clearly has a passion for eal estate. She helped me to understand what I am looking for, and she has a strong understanding of the various considerations associated with buying real estate in today's market. She is trustworthy and has a great personal touch, which can help her clients clarify their own objectives, and at the same time she is incredibly responsible, timely, and tenacious which is a powerful combo! Simply put, it feels great to have Mia in your corner for such a big decision!"

Chad G.'s Testimonial

As a first time home buyer I had the ultimate adviser in Mia. I was impressed by her consistent availability, and her poise in guiding me towards my goal. Creativity and diligence is needed in this market. Mia monitored listings near offer deadlines, and my new home in Greenwood had been overlooked. Just hours after the deadline our offer was accepted with an inspection contingency. When the inspection uncovered broken sewer lines she took point in scheduling estimates, contacting the city, and gathering all the data I needed to proceed. In the end my home appraised higher than the purchase price! Thank you Mia!

E. Olson Testimonial

After many months of trying to find a new home with other realtors, I was told it would be virtually impossible at my price point in Seattle, and I had mostly given up. Then, I wandered into an open house one weekend and met Mia. After a short conversation, she offered to help me find a new place. What a great decision that was! After discussing my needs, my budget and determining how to best work together, Mia got to work and showed her experience in developing strategies for winning competitive offer situations, common in Seattle. She listened to my concerns, answered questions and was great at assessing the right level of engagement with me. I appreciated her thoughtful approach when building comparables and suggesting possible contingencies or addendums to add, remove or waive when making offers. She was patient in explaining why she was recommending a particular option, without pressuring me into any one. I felt like I had the best information for building my strongest offers. Throughout the process, she was very responsive to questions or concerns and communicative about what was happening at all times. I never felt in the dark. She also always maintained a friendly, but professional composure, which made her very pleasant and easy to work with. In the end, we found a great place for me, and won in a competitive offer situation without going beyond my comfort zone! I would highly recommend Mia for others looking for a knowledgeable, thoughtful and very capable realtor who can win in Seattle. In fact, I have recommended her to colleagues of mine, whom she has also helped find homes in short order!